A Sharp Tale of Dicey Consequence

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When one's favorite of all favorites knife disappears, a chef's kitchen world gets blurry. Nothing is in it's place, long-established food prep rhythms are interrupted, and dire consequences can ensue. Shortly thereafter, when all the inquisitions prove useless, a pair of new gadgets make an entrance. It's a total surprise: husband has purchased another brand (egad!) of pairing knife to replace the missing Henkels Four Star, and has also brought home a famous brand "mini chopper" to lessen the blow. How can he not know that I am loyal to one brand of knives and one brand alone, and only rarely delegate the very largest pureeing, chopping or slicing tasks to my trusty 12-cup Cuisinart? How can he not also know that food prep is my mediation, my relaxation, and my nirvana before later sitting at table to enjoy "the fruits"?
The answer is simple, my friends: he does not cook. Over one month after the offending weapon arrived I finally broke down and unsheathed it. Pretty sharp, decent weight, good feel in my hand. And the mini food chopping gadget has also finally been christened. Ugh. I repeat, big jobs get processed in the Cuisinart but only if I'm in a hurry. I like to cook. Chopping & dicing are at the top of the list of pleasant prep tasks. Now where's that gift receipt?


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