tunneling mice? who knew!

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Having lived half a century I am astounded when I see something for the first time right in my own backyard. I am a very observant person. Success in my chosen career(s) has depended on it. Working in community corrections, details are very important, and missing a critical one could cause you injury, or at best (?), you might just loose your suspect. In the computer field, clearly, details make all the difference. As a chocolatier, we finish and garnish our products remembering that one eats with their eyes first.
So, when I spied these mouse tunnels in my yard the other evening, I was more than curious. Luckily, trusty Tiggr the cat helped solve the puzzle.
longer tunnel.jpg I expected a long search on google to find the proper name for this phenomenon, but my first hits were filled with the simplest explanations. There have even been children's books written about them. How have I missed this? I feel left out.
The morning after we spotted them in our yard, we saw hundreds more in a field while on our daily walk. Apparently when there's just the right amount of snowfall, and it's exactly the correct texture, when the little critters wander out they are not only unseen by the red tailed hawks looking for lunch, but the snow does not collapse on them or behind them.
mouse tunnel (2).jpg Unluckily for one fat mouse, Tiggr has superb hearing, so he tracked the creature down and gleefully played with him before finishing him (or her) off. You can see from the messy catprints on the left, Tiggr had a fine time romping and playing with his prey. We've seen him do it before in this blog. Tiggr likes public appreciation.


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