You never really miss something til you can't have it

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We have had a very particular food diet imposed on our household. It's a one-for-all deal. Two of us don't need to be on it, but it's just plain unfair to the afflicted to be slurping down one's favorite whatever while the other looks on in hungry frustration. What's on the menu is white breads, white rice, potatoes; all without seasonings or fats of any kind. White meat chicken and plain fish fillets. Cheerio's, corn flakes, rice chex. Soy milk. That's about it. No fruit or vegetables. Mind you it's just for 3 weeks. It surely speeds up my prep and cooking times in the kitchen. There's really nothing to do. No sauces to simmer, no herbs to snip, onions to chop, no garlic to mince, The big whisk has been hanging sadly unused. I love my whisks (I have 4, all different sizes). I love going into the kitchen long before dinnertime and going through the mise en place process. Everything gets prepped, measured, placed in it's own little dish and set by the stove in order of use. The entree' is cleaned, trimmed, cut-to-order, and returned to the refrigerator. Pots, saute' pans & roasters are pulled out of hiding. Finally I check the clock so I know what gets started first, make myself a Manhattan or a cosmopolitan and go watch the evening news.
Clearly, I am missing this ritual. I noticed yesterday that the giant bottle of favorite olive oil I automatically purchased because I was almost out is yet unopened. Ack! I haven't used a drop in two weeks. Will I loose my taste for it? For butter and s&p, for garlic and heavy cream in a pan sauce? We are slowly reintroducing foods on the "maybe" list. Canned carrots, vinegar, applesauce, jam, and jelly. Bleech. Not much to work with. While the ailing family member may be feeling a bit better, my palate is in serious withdrawal and I am chomping at the bit (pun intended) to return to my favorite hobby: cooking. I might start dipping the ends of white bread loaves in my delicious olive oil when no-one is around. Yum!


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