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new gadget

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Kingston Technologies sent me a new gadget. I hoard these things, but a new one is always put to immediate use. It's a Kingston DataTraveler Locker, 8G. I've loaded it with ALL of my Market Fresh Chef recipe files. Since it arrived, I've updated it every few days, because I add &/or edit the database daily. It goes with me when I leave the house. Once in a while I need instant access to those recipes, and if my main computer at home is not on, I can't log in remotely to view the original flies on the HDD. I really like the personal security feature, and since I publish these recipes, they become protected content while on the stick. I received this to test & talk about because I am a BzzAgent for a word-of-mouth marketing company in Boston called BzzAgent. I've been getting new products to try and tell others about from them for quite a few years. It's interesting, if you like to be the 'first to know' in your circle of friends & family. This is not my first secure memory stick, I also have a Sandisk Cruzer; same size, but I find the security system to be cumbersome. That should make both the people at Kingston & BzzAgent pretty happy.