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Listen to That!

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Silence. That's the sound heard across the County this morning. Because it's the first day of school. The kids are making noise in classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms & gymnasiums. But it's silent in my house. I think it's time to read a new book! I am very interested in the new 007 novel, and I have high hopes of reading it on the brand-spanking new Kindle. I was lucky enough about 6 years ago to get to test one for about three months. My daughter was the target audience, and she read numerous short stories on it that were appropriate for her 10 year old self. Now it's my turn. My library does not have any copies of Carte Blanche on hand. I have requested it, but the database shows there will be a long wait. I believe the Kindle will solve my problem.
I am a BzzAgent and their latest word-of-mouth campaign I am looking to qualify for is testing the new Kindle. Summer is over, life is about to slow down, my house is quiet. It's time to settle in with a good book.