February 24, 2006

raves & saves

The flourless chocolate cake got rave reviews, and I have been requested to make it every other Thursday to be offered to the public, by the slice, in our local chocolate shop The Chocolate Moose. You can see all the other tasty things they offer at I am bringing them 8 individual double lemon cheesecakes with hazelnut crusts today. They will end up enrobed in hazelnut ganache & packaged to go. Yum! Here's a photo of one (they are 4" around), but it's kinda' naked.doublelemonchscke.JPG

Pretty soon it will be time for them to make chocolate rabbits for Easter. Easter is when our bunnies were born. They had a fluffy parent and a smooth one. The litter had 2 boys and 2 girls. We ended up with 2 boys, which was ok for about 4 months. But that was because neither the dumb bunnies nor the dumber owners knew for sure which sex they were. By the end of July the dominant male, "Fluffy" was trying to remove shall I say it...boys of his brother, "Smoothy". He was very effective. Of course, Smoothy helped Fluffy out by humping Fluffy ON THE WRONG END! So the "boys" were right within striking range. I witnessed this once after we first noticed blood and a missing patch of skin on Smoothy's left testicle. They had just descended within that week. It all happened so fast. A few days later Fluffy bit the other one. Just about completely severed the blood supply in one bite. Very impressive. I had read up on this, so I was not really surprised. But the tween, who had forgotten her initial squeamishness while waiting to see if they really were both boys, and who had become adept at "checking", got a serious nature lesson. So we whisked them off to the vet, who did a proper job of removing what needed to be removed and saved the day.

Lest you think the bunnies are vicious, let me assure you, they are simply beautiful dumb bunnies now, and all the tar has been snipped right out of them. Here's another photo, staged by Miss B while the bunnies were still young.lilac rabbits.jpg

February 21, 2006

mouse report

Mouse report: no live visions, just droppings, so far. They have, quite literally, taken the bait. It's all gone. We found teal green poop around the bait station the last 3 days. None today, however, so maybe they (however many of them) have gone back to whence they came to pass on. I chose poison this time becasue I was not up to the blood and guts of snap traps. We have had some bad scenes with them. Either way, we find the mice to be rather stupid. Like dumb bunnies. We have them, too.

I'lll post a photo of the bunnies when they were about 2 months old. Husband calls them "the forgotten bunnies" because the kitten has mesmerized the tween and she no longer cares about the bunnies. I like them because they eat my carrot tops. I always hated throwing those things away.babyPair.JPG