July 20, 2010

Funny Thing Happened on the Way Out of the Forum.

Walking into a concert you are full of anticipation. Filing along at a moderate clip, eager to see how good your seats are, with patient and happy people all around. Leaving, however, is another story. The concert was Carlos Santana, the venue Bethel Woods. Both very, very good. (And Steve Winwood opened the show, amazing in his own well-deserved right.) All in all a memorable 50th Birthday present. The 'funny thing' happened at midnight: a group of guys dragging a huge wooden bench down the paths towards the exit gate. It was covered with a big blue tarp. They could barely lift the bench, try as they might. There was at least a half dozen of them. I started laughing out loud, and one of the guys looked at me and said "What, you don't think we'll make it past security? It's covered up pretty well." That was it, I lost it! Was the funniest way to end a great night, amidst a shuffling crowd of complete strangers. I could not recover from the irony for most of the (three hour) ride home. One of the guys had handed me a business card for Makes the story even better.

January 28, 2009

The Moose is Dead

Most certainly a common sign of an uncommon economy, small business and large are closing their doors. It seems to be happening every where you look, tune in, or converse. I am now a victim. The Chocolate Moose has closed it's doors, ergo I am unemployed. All of the candy has been bought at a discount, the furnishings are almost all sold off at rock-bottom prices, and the kitchen will be "on the market" this weekend for a steal. Dismantling it was the most bittersweet task of all. Pun intended. Shelves of nuts, jars of confectioners sugar, drawers of dipping tools. The tubs of garnishes for chocolates are coming to my home to roost. I made them a new nest last night in my fancy kitchen. Probably the most satisfying part of "cooking" for me is the final garnishing and plating. We eat with our eyes first, other senses second. I love to spend a few extra minutes making what I have prepared look interesting. I don't worry as much about how it tastes (good recipes & technique remove that doubt) but I do take the time to make sure food looks good. Since winters' snows are still upon us, I'll be making some special sweets at home for a while longer.
Creams_Truffles_platter.JPGLong live the Moose.